Broadcast Offline Editor

Alan Nesbitt  /  07796 953 656 

Energised, tight cuts with clarity of content and compelling energy, while working to challenging schedules. I have many years of broadcast experience and have cut for all terrestrial channels as well as many digital channels. 

I love pacing the rhythm of the shots to maximise the impact and emotion of the music or selecting content from contributors to ensure they come across strongly.

I like working in a team and enjoy collaborating with Edit Producers, or I can work independently. I have worked in most factual styles including observational docs, factual entertainment and long form docs. I’m based in Brighton and generally travel to London for work.

some recent programmes…

WW2 Treasure Hunters (2 x 45min)  History Channel / Emporium (Hat Trick)

Enthusiasts and professionals dig up a different WW2 plane in each episode,  while Suggs uncovers the stories behind the crashes. 

Hidden Britain by Drone With Tony Robinson (50min) Channel 4 / Windfall

Heatwave extra: aerial tour of Britain with Sir Tony. Major archeological discoveries were made by drone pilots spotting parch-marks caused by  the hot dry summer.

Ugly House to Lovely House (50min) Channel 4 / Amazing 

George Clarke helps home owners implement their vision to transform their homes into interesting and original architectural objects. 

Food Unwrapped Series 7 (30 min) Channel 4 / Ricochet

A great series revealing surprising and amazing facts about the food we all eat by going to see where it comes from and then having fun applying the science.

Mont Zika (50min doc) Arte France / Amazingly TV

The threat of the Zika virus and it’s spread by mosquitos. Scientists use an unusual strategy of breeding mosquitos in a factory and releasing them into the wild.

Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle (3 x 50min) BBC2 / Ricochet

Ben takes people with backstories on perilous, and possibly life changing,  trips to remote places.